What matters most is preserving the well being of the children as well as your single-parent lifestyles.  Whether you are going through a separation or divorce or having difficulties with coparenting issues, visitation, reunification issues, managing your relationship with your children, or maybe need a safe place to think through all that is going on in your life, you will want to read on. 
Decisions that will ensure your children's best interests and 
keep your lives going forward.
Making sure that you are being listened to and your needs are being addressed.
Welcome!  My name is Deborah Huang, LCSW and here you can get more information about myself and the services I offer.  Divorce brings about changes to everyone in the family and with the proper tools and professional guidance you can approach the changes with a sense of control over your own emotions and realistically plan for a future that meets all of your needs as well as the children's needs.   This site includes my background and training, the services that I offer and articles which I've written that you are entitled to know about regarding child custody and other specialized services.  The services I offer  include individualized and family psychotherapy, court ordered therapy such as reunification therapy specific to the alienating circumstances, developing detailed parenting plans and visitation schedules, mediating child custody issues (recommending and non-recommending), coaching for mediation and consulting for child custody evaluations.  If you are in need of a child custody evaluation, expert testimony or special master/parent coordinator I will be happy to send you my stipulation and order forms for your early convenience.
It is my goal to serve you and your family's needs and answer any questions you have.
Thanks for coming and enjoy your visit!